Fixing Your(tm) Web Site Using Cheap/Free Tools

“I realize in today’s economy, there isn’t a lot of extra money floating around. Here are some cheap tools you can use to fix your web site.”Vincent Flanders, 14Oct03,

As you all know, I owe much of what I know about web site usability to Vincent Flanders, of whom I had the joy of serving as a contributing on his last book, “Son of Web Pages that Suck.”

The other day, while the rest of us were distracted combatting comment spam, Vincent offered a killer list of killer applications preceeded with a simple list of 9 things you can do to keep your web site from winding up as an example on his. Most of these applications are free, or modestly priced … all are easy enough to use that they don’t require advanced degrees in computer science.

About the only tool I found missing from the list is OpenOffice … but it is quite large and does require you know how to install the latest JavaRuntime … so I can see why it didn’t make Father Flanders’ hit parade.

I guess, sometimes the best things in life are indeed free … thanks Vincent!