Galileo Mission Ends with Dive Into Jupiter

Okay folks, I’m back from vacation! Yes, those posts you saw all last week were written ahead of time and used a combination of the BloggerAPI and CRONtab to post the articles in my absence. Of course, now the fun of coming back to a D.C . area that has been hammered with hurricanes and as of last night, 4 more inches of rain … but I digress.

But I digress with intent. Today’s message has nothing to do with church or charity web sites. It has to do with one of my heros, George Peters. Yes, we’re related. He is my father, my mentor, my example for so many of my good traits. He is my hero, and he is now enjoying a well deserved retirement in Florida.

So what has this got to do with the Galileo? Everything. Just to give you some perspective on the how long it takes to get from one planet to another, the Galileo was the last project my father worked on as part of his 30 year career at NASA. In fact, I got to see the “oversized basketball,” behind some very thick glass while it was going through a battery of testing up at the Goddard Space Flight Center here in Maryland.

Anyway, the Galileo was sent on it’s final mission late Sunday night. Collecting data as it was intentionally directed into Jupiter’s atmosphere in a fiery final plunge towards this jovial planet’s surface.

So here is yet another tribute to my father, and to space exploration – both of which have contributed so much to what my life is today in so many good and positive ways (velcro, fidelity, and other essential things). Thank you Dad … and farwell Galileo!