The SpamDam E-Mail Forwarding System

It’s Friday and I’ve got a full plate, so expect some hit-n-run blogging today as I post a couple of draft articles I created while exploring FreshMeat and HotScripts late at night.

Let’s start off with something we all need, an E-Mail Forwarding System.

And that’s just what you get with SpamDam. This little PHP program allows you generate and then manage disposable e-mail addresses. Manage meaning you can disable ‘compromised addresses,’ or auto-reply with a web form allowing actual humans to get through.

According to the documentation, “SpamDam rewrites all emails to include the actual “To” address, so you know who gave out your address. You can then use your favorite E-Mail clients filter to sort the email as it comes in.

I installed it, no sweat. Though I haven’t really determined if I want to use it as I get the same effect by routing my email through my webserver, with all ‘unlisted’ email addresses forwarded to the ‘default’ address. And in those cases where nospammy-22aug03@… gets hammered, I just block it.

Then again, I’m fluent in pure geek … and such steps are not an option for my youth minister. Similarly, if you’re running a church or charity website, this may be a good way to protect your pastor or teachers by creating for them easy-to-manage throwaway email addresses via SpamDam.