Opinion: SCO-Microsoft conspiracy theory

A while back on /., I had speculated in a comment that I thought Microsoft might be behind all the SCO litigation. Now this article in the Aussie versin of Computer World: Opinion: SCO-Microsoft conspiracy theory by Nicholas Petreley of LinuxWorld.

The SCO Group vs. IBM lawsuit gives off a subtle, unpleasant odor I couldn’t quite place. When SCO set its sights on Linux distributors and even Linux itself, the source of the stench became unmistakable — Redmond. It was too early to make an accusation when the suit was filed since any such claim lacking even circumstantial evidence would be nothing more than a conspiracy rant.

Nevertheless, a few of us on VarLinux.org discussed the possibility that this was all about destroying Linux, and pondered a Microsoft involvement. A motive is clear. Microsoft perceives Linux as a great threat, and is therefore pulling out all the stops in its war against Linux. I offered the opinion that, if Microsoft has a hand in this at all, it would probably show up as a seemingly unrelated deal.

Sure enough, within days, SCO announced that Microsoft licensed Unix for an undisclosed amount of money, and that SCO now supports Microsoft Active Directory. There was the smoking gun.

It was simpler for me. Basically, where would anyone but Microsoft get enough cash to sue IBM over Linux?