Aggregator Cornucopia

This is for my friends over at blos4God:

If you blog alot, then you probably spend quite a bit of time visiting your favorite sites to see if they’ve posted anything new, interesting, exciting, which is a real bummer if they haven’t posted anything since Greek Easter. One way to avoid such let-downs is to use a personal aggregator.

Basically, a personal aggregator takes a list of XML/RSS/RDF feeds and periodically checks them, usually at user defined intervals. Good personal aggregators also offer you a little excerpt of the compelling content and a hyperlink to the site via your default browser. More on how this works can be found in an article penned by Jon Udell this time last year entitled “Tangled in the Threads::Personal RSS aggregators.”

Since Jon’s excellent article, several new cool tools have appeared on the aggregator scene, many of them free of charge for a variety of operating systems. Since others have gone to the pains to review, explain and detail them, below, I’m offering a “cache” of some articles and in some cases, a keyword search of some sites (such as Keith’s) that have penned several useful articles on this topic: