Out of Context

Perusing my referrer logs … for those of you who don’t know, most web sites hosted by ‘real‘ web hosts provide logging of visitors. Most of the time these logs include domain names and ip addresses indicating where & how someone gets to your site.

One visitor I hadn’t recognized came via a blog which complimented my site for thing technical, but critisized my use of scripture in a post found at random trout archive: May 29, 2002

Now before anyone gets defensive or torqued off in some other way, I appreciate and understand both what was said … and how … here’s why …

I have no problem receiving criticisms, as long as they are gracefully and intelligently stated. Which is exactly how the author at random trout expressed his/her dislike for my taking scripture out of context.

And they are right, there is more than one instance on this site where scripture is intentionally presented out of its context. However, this is not done to trivialize nor to cheapen God’s word.

As I said in a comment on said blog, you will notice that many of my scripture references link back not only to the verse quoted, but often to the verse above and below. Sometimes even more than that.

As an 11th grade Sunday school teacher, I am confonted with students who mangle scripture more than once … and/or deal with young men and women being sucked-in by cults by exactly the same technique. In resposne to this, I pass along to them the same instructions Paul gave in 1 Thessalonians 5:21, where it is plainly stated: “Test everything. Hold on to the good.

In the same way, it is my hope to entice you the reader to dig deeper into God’s Word … What a wonderful thing it would be to inspire a reader to spend 2 hours in scripture in an effort to correct me – let the reader understand.

Again, my apologies to any and all who are offended by my methods … and my appreciation for those who voice their disagreement in skillful and respectful ways.