Operator Error!

The byline at the Washington Post reads “Human Chess Blunder Hands Win to Computer Program.” It goes on to say:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – World champion chess computer software program Deep Junior pounced on a glaring error by Garry Kasparov Thursday to draw level with the Russian grandmaster half-way through their six-game match in New York.

Well file this one under noduh.com! Most of the mistakes I point out here on HealYourChurchWebSite can usually be traced back to the beloved nut holding the keyboard — that would be you and me. I think the phrase in the article that pays is a quote that reads “This was a time pressure move that is ridiculous by his high standards…

A phrase that could be used to describe many situations how the majority of programming and or system administration mistakes occur. A phrase that describes insanely tight development and deployment cycles that reknowned software design expert, Ed Yourdon describe in a book entitled Death March: The Complete Software Developer’s Guide to Surviving ‘Mission Impossible’ Projects

While I realize that very few churches develop big honking enterprise applications, they are always short staffed, under budget and in a hurry. Usually resulting in a checkmate by the bug machine — or a hacker.