Generated content, automatic numbering and lists

Here is yet another reason why should be part of your daily technoBlog reading – Auto-numbered nested lists. As Mark puts it:

.. [it] uses a little-known CSS technique called automatic counters. It is supposed to display the outer list as “1.”, “2.”, “3.”, “4.”, “5.”, and the inner list as “2.1.”, “2.2.”, “2.3.”, “2.4.”. In other words, auto-numbering the inner list with both a major and minor item number.

I can see a couple of uses for this technique for your church web site, especially those that enumerate long passages of quoted Scripture. The trick being to use “:” instead of “.” as a separator. It might also be very useful for displaying church documents such as bylaws and Sunday school lessons that are presented in outline form. Of the later, the best example I can think of would be the W3C’s on documentation on the topic.

Tell you what, I have to run off to work. If some of you get some working examples of the above technique, leave a comment showing-off your handiwork!