*FREE* Daily Bible Study by Email

Two weeks ago, I raised the subject of Web Services for Christian web sites, which was followed by the following post:

Well, here’s one more for the list, Gary Petersen‘s Read the Bible in One Year.

As Gary states in an annoucement he posted on blogs4God.com

Thanks to the Lockman Foundation, who publishes the New American Standard Bible, I’m sending out a daily email message with four to five chapters of Scripture on a plan that will walk you through reading the entire Bible in a year.  The Book-at-a-Time Reading Plan from Discipleship Journal is our guide for 2003.

What I particularly like about this service is that he offers the daily Scripture reading in one of three delicious formats.

About my only two complaints are that the <description> tags include some HTML that is formatted in upper case, and in particular that it uses <BR> instead of <br /> for a line break. Perhaps a sweep with Tidy might help?

Still, these are little things, and overall I think this is a very useful tool for those of you with church and charity web sites. Or as Strong Bad would say — “Now THAT’s what I’m talking about !