A selective list of the 7 Deadly Sins

Since Heal Your Church Website has everything to do with churches and web design, I thought it fun to compile a list of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Web Design.’ However, being such a catchy phrase, I figured surely there would be one or two sites out there bearing the same title and simlar content. So to avoid confusion and accusations of plagiarism I decided to check it out. WOW. I was wrong. There aren’t one or two, but dozen such sites. Each unique, each having something useful to say.

While I have every good intention of developing my own list sometime in the future, I figured I would give you some of these links on order of preference (on my part). Most are useful. Some are ironic. I’ve found most, if not all, the regular readers here to be really, really smart people. So I figure … well … you’ll figure it out which end is what and what end is up: