Apple: Burn DVDs–and we’ll burn you

C|Net’s Tech reports Apple: Burn DVDs–and we’ll burn you

“WASHINGTON–Apple Computer has invoked the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to prevent its customers from burning DVDs on external drives.

Earlier this month, the company’s lawyers sent a stiff warning to an Apple dealer, warning that a patch to Apple’s iDVD burning software ran afoul of the controversial 1998 copyright law.

Again, yet another situation where I’m being accused falsely because it is assumed that if I want to burn a CD, it must be for something illegal. Forget the fact that I might want to create a DVD of my 2.75 year old daughter to mail down to YiaYia and Popou. Forget that I’d like to scan my dated legal documents and archive them on a single slot on my bookshelf. Obviously, I’m a no good crook.

I’ve never owned an Apple computer, though I got intimate with them when I worked for the now long aquired Falcon MicroSystems back in the early 90’s. I always admired the machines multi-media capabilities. What has kept me from ever owning one was Apple’s closed architecture.

Another opinion I personally came to was that I percieved an attitude that if you wanted to upgrade, you need to buy a whole new platform. Something that I think is really behind this flap over their DVD Enabler’s capability to write to external Mercury Pro DVD-R/RW FireWire drive. Yet another personal reason why I have yet to own an Apple Computer.

My point? Hardware, software or web sites – do NOT assume your joe average users/customers to be guilty. Even if it is merely a guise to sell more stuff.