WordCamp Raleigh 2010, Liveblogging, Day 1, Afternoon Session

As I anticipated, it’s been GREAT meeting all sorts of neat people here at WordCamp Raleigh (#wcraleigh).

1:00 PM Grant Swaim

WordCamp Raleigh 2010

How to biuld a membership-style website

The presentation is at Google Docs.

Basically the presenter is reciting the google doc … I’m going next door to the sitecast.

1:00 PM Ryan Duff
Saving Youself TIme WHen Setting UP a Dev Environment

Lots and lots of talk about SVN (subversion) Server and how to set it up on your development server.

Ugh .. this is good and important stuff for us developers, but its like watching grass grow and probably better provided in the form of 3 five-minute how-to videos.

Let me check out the SitePoint PodCast.

1:20 SitePoint Podcasts

Listening to the author of BuddyPress for Dummies, Lisa Sabin Wilson.

Some examples can be found at WordPress.org on their Buddy Press Examples Page.

Okay, let’s make this easy … here are the other guests via the Word Camp Raleigh website:

Confirmed guests for the show include Cory Miller, CEO of iThemes, Brian Gardner, CEO of StudioPress, Grant Griffiths, co-founder of Headway Themes, Brandon Eley, Interactive Director at Kelsey Advertising & Design, owner of 2BigFeet and co-author of “Online Marketing Inside Out,” Jeff Chandler, host of WordPress Weekly and owner of WordPress Tavern, Gregory Ng, VP, Creative Director at Brooks Bell Interactive and The Frozen Food Master at Freezer Burns, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, author of “WordPress for Dummies” and “BuddyPress for Dummies,” Aaron Brazell, author of “WordPress Bible,” Steve Mortiboy, co-organizer of WordCamp Raleigh and Project Manager at Semper Fi Web Design and Michael Torbert, co-organizer of WordCamp Raleigh and Senior WordPress Developer at Semper Fi Web Design.

17 year old Dave Moyer is talking about the ‘woes’ of being a ‘kid’ entrepreneur … and how it shouldn’t be the foundation to one’s marketing push … as ages, like fashion styles, get old.

Suggests blueberry power press plugin and/or just use built-in goodies and let FeedBurner do the rest … or audio player plugin.

More WordPress postcasters … Jeff Chandler of WordPress Weekly … throwing a hat tip to Moyer’s technical quality.

Jeff asserts that since consistency is key … gotta do the podcast when it is convenient to YOU!

Gregory Ng gives his reason for being the Frozen Food guru was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s passion for a niche topic … and then dominating it.

Up now is Raleigh’s #1 Social Media Guru, Wayne Sutton of TriOutNC.com.

Giving advice for those who want to get into the agency space … and why he left it to become an entrepreneur in the social media space.

Wayne makes a great point about those deleting their FaceBook accounts “… who here has just gone and deleted their gmail account?

On privacy and reputation: “don’t post anything you don’t want your mother to see.

Pet Peeve: “let’s stop kvetching and start helping each other out.

Nathan Rice

Talking about the Genesis Theme Framework … will be interesting to hear how this compares to Cory Miller of the iTheme Framework who is up next.

Nathan mention 18 child themes and a recent security audit … ver 1.2 about to come out … more speed and WordPress 3.0 compatibility.

Real Estate Agents will be interested in Genesis themes working in AgentPress.  Most existing StudioPress themes will be moving to Genesis.

Cory Miller

PluginBuddy developed out of a need seen in the WordPress community.

Basically, for the same reason you’d need a premium theme, you’d want some premium plugins.

Talks about iThemes and WebDesign.com


3:30 PM Cory Miller
The Roller Coaster Ride of Entreprenuership

Sitting in the session by Cory Miller of iTHemes, PluginBuddy.com and WebDesign.com

Businesses like iThemes, wooThemes & StudioPress didn’t happen overnight.

Launch out of the Cubible
Take passion, persistence and readiness – it doesn’t happen overnight.

iThemes … most individuals didn’t knock it out of the part … most of us were “born on second” and had help to score on home plate.

Two years ago:

  1. your startup is your baby –
    babies throw up on you, they poop on you, the demand constant attention … yet they are your greatest joy in life … because your passionate about it and you love it (otherwise, get out!-)The business also changes as a baby does … including the WP business having personnel and finance issues like any other business.

    Book reading about growing the baby.

  2. It takes both Passion & Profit”Light yourself on fire, and people will come to watch you burn …“Passion: has to burninate your soul.Profit: gotta make money (talking to a room full of WP people who don’t want to pay for anything)With a staff of 14, with kids and mortgages … if profit is not in the picture … then its a hobby.
  3. Whether you think so or not, you need other peoplePeople are going to be the greatest joy and biggest pain of your business … but you need them.Talented people should not get into that siloh mentality – especially if you want to take a vacation.Need to find other people who are good at XYZ … and get out of their way.NOTE – the success of your business will hinge on your spouse. They MUST be 100% bought in. It will be the #1 stress in your business.Don’t surround yourself with yes-men/women …Partners are needed – e.g. legal council, life coaches, advisors, cheerleaders, backers, supporters, subcontractors and teams.Need a good CPA …
  4. Be Financially Conservative & Grow OrganicallyBe frugal … don’t get ahead of yourself with fancy stuff … much that loses its value the second you drive it off the lot.Invest in the people instead (put 4 to 6 months of cashflow aside/ahead).
  5. …A whole bunch of odds-n-endsA ton of unfun stuff in business – and you need to be ready to do it (HR, Accounting, Financial stuff)Give-aways are a good strategy to initially build your personal themeInnovate or die (yahoo missing google, music industry v. itunes, and dying film/tv industry).Eat books – be a lifelong learner. Read, read and read business books … constantly improve every day.Be flexible and adaptable – things that work today, may not work tomorrow.

    Get mentors.

    Perfectionism is NOT obtainable and NOT affordable – make it good enough.

    Release good products – make them better over time – they need to be in the wild a bit.

    Be aggressive with your marketing. Experiment and learn.
    e-Myth by Michael Gerber (why McDondald’s has a consistent user experience everywhere).

    Find processes that help you work smarter … not harder (not necessarily software).

    Don’t take yourself too seriously.

    It’s not about project management software – but getting software out the door, and continuously improve it.

    Treat people right – if you build trust, you build future business.

    Get away often, take retreats – because you don’t get the 9-5 if you’re running your own busines.

    You will make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of them, and learn t pick yourself back up and get back in the game.

    Start a blog and get into the game … and to establish your credibilty

    eMail isn’t dead.

    enjoy your work – hating what you do is a red flag for impending failure.

  6. If you’re a serial entrepreneur – have an exit strategy.
4:20 PM @LisaSabinWilson
Creating Community with Buddy Press

BuddyPress is a plugin that adds a layer of social networking on your site.

Presentation by author of “BuddyPRess for Dummies” … what it is and what it isn’t …

BuddyPress is NOT FaceBook …

… buddypress vs. facebook

  • both are social entworks where communiteies meet
  • facebook is global, buddypress is targeted at a niche
  • coversations and content you build on FB are owned by FB
  • buddypress is built on your site, your content, your community … your data

Noise on FaceBook that colludes your message and that you won’t see on BuddyPress

  • FarmVille
  • PetVille
  • MafaiaWars

(there were audible boos and hisses in rooms when FB logo shown on slide)

BuddyPress is to build your own social community that has grown HUGE due to the fact that it’s now more accessible because:

  • no longer requires MU
  • allows users to register members
  • collect information for marketing & building contacts
  • host, control and own your own community of members

Options include:

Activity Stream
an aggregator of what’s going on in the community
Blog Tracking
When running multi-site/multi-user options – users can create their own blogs, blog tracking aggregates who is blogging what in the community.
bbPress Forums
Out-of-the-box forums
allows creation of friendships of users across the community
users can create and participate groups
Private Messages
users can send private messages – site admins can send site-wide notifications
Extended Profiles
Allows for customizable profiles and avatars for users