WordCamp Raleigh 2010, Liveblogging, Day 1, Morning Sessions

WordCamp Raleigh 2010One advantage to living in the peak of good living,  Apex, NC, is that I’m about a 15 to 20 minute drive from downtown Raleigh, the site of WordCamp Raleigh 2010 – where today I’ll put on my best effort to live blog about the various sessions and people I discover here.

I already know it’s going to be a fun morning as I no only discovered free parking a block away from the Sheraton in which the conference is held, but my spot was in front of a Starbucks, with none other than iThemes creator Cory Miller &  friend sitting at a table just in front of the spot – as if to reserve my place.

I’ve also run into another online BFF, WordPress ninja Nathan Rice and social media guru Wayne Sutton.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll learn much about the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0.

9:35 AM

Still listening to a recitation of the sponsors of today’s event.

9:35 AM – Introductions

Still need to look at the sessions sheet and make a decision. BTW, bandwidth and power outlets are in good supply here.

BTW, #wcraleigh is the official twitter hashtag for the blessed event.

10:00 AM – Session 1
Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in WordPress by Brad Williams WebDevstudios.com

I debated going to the “Thoughtful Theming” session, but as I may be working with Drupal soon – figured I’d better get into Taxonomies for WordPress to understand the differences.

10:01 AM 5/22/2010

Brad Williams is also the co-author of Profesional WordPress

**So what are custom post types/**

Help you make different content types of WordPress entries. First, here are the post-types that come out-of-the-box with WordPress:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Attachments
  • Revisions
  • Menus (v.3.0)

What can I make new post types?

  • Potcasts Podcasts (thanks @knightopia for the correction)
  • Movies
  • Forums
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Tick System
  • Sermons
  • etc ….

Zombies are today’s “hello world” example

You’ll need to add into functions.php the new post type with an action hook:

add_action(‘init’, ‘create_zombie_post_type’);

function creaet_zombie_post_type() {

Then adding to your content hierarchy as a taxonomy to your ‘functions.php’ that’s short and concise, and the post custom type into the various meta mechanisms built into WordPress

Basically, then you can ‘cook-in’ a custom page type that meets your organization’s needs.

Instead of Zombies … think about adding a new taxonomy “Teachings” for your church website as a taxonomy … and then add as a post types Bible Study, Sermons, and/or Sunday School Lessons.

Why not just use posts? Well if you only want to show your ‘teachings’ you can drop the code before the loop to only show ‘teachings’ as opposed to other stuff.

Yes, this can be done with categories, but taxonomies gives you a more organized and more scalable way of managing such content …

… especially when you  use WordPress 3.0 to host several websites, and want to insure ‘Teachings’ is available to all users … and when you want to create aggregations/displays in themes of said taxonomies and page types.

Oh, if you want to enforce Taxonomies across a multi-user network, don’t go with Functions.php … but use a custom plug-in to enforce a taxonomy across all users within your WordPress MU network.

Currently, there is no tool out there to convert categories into taxonomies.

11:00 AM – Session 2
Using WordPress to Build your Brand by Wayne Sutton @socialWayne.com

It’s 11:00 … waiting on local Social Media star Wayne Sutton whom appears to be fashionably late for his presentation.

Apparently Wayne thought things would start at 11:15 … bah! Should have I gone to Amazing API’s?

Okay, Wayne is getting started …

… interesting mix of individuals with various skill levels and adoption of services like Twitter, FaceBook, and WordPress.

  • Wayne’s unofficial rules of shameless self promotion “if you’re not talking about yourself, then who else?

Building your network, talking to your friends, ever expanding network … but still need to let the world know you’re alive.

  • WordPress as a lead generation tool.

Use WordPress – make sure you have a link that says “… here is what I have for you …” or “… consume this …”

Why use WordPress?

  • Social Networks can be implemented w/out a bit startup cost by using BuddyPress.
  • Using it you can control features, privacy, data, etc …


  • Don’t think of WordPress as a Content Mangement System … but a Content Publishing System w/SEO out of the box.
  • Also keep in mind that search engines are elevating blog content over other content format types.

Content doesn’t have to look like a blog, for example:

Content Strategy

  • Outline your topics and blog, blog, blog.
  • Less tweeting, blog more … provide meat over milk.
  • Instead, use tweeting to drive folks into your blog posts.

Build your brand:

  • Word of Mouth is still #1
  • Your blog and tweets are only going to reflect how you succeed and add value in the real world.

Try to build a community around your blog:

  • Make it easy for people to subscribe RSS
  • Use ‘Push’ services
  • Let the know how to connect

Using WordPress to tell the TriOut success Story

Lawrence Ingraham (@lawPower)

  • Describes the Tri-Out blogging story as a model for establishing a brand.
  • Talks about ‘just telling the story’ … and referring to older posts
  • Basically described using a ‘long tail search term’ for one’s title (w/out actually using the term long-tail search)
  • consider interviews of other bloggers
  • provide compelling content … including stories about issues with developing the product and/or other hurdles

The Tri-out.com blog was used for several months to tell the story … then when TriOutNC.com was ready, a 301 redirect was implemented – giving TriOutNC.com immediate “link juice.”

Summary by Wayne in 3 points:

  1. Have a content strategy
  2. Have a content strategy
  3. Have a content strategy

And don’t buy the bunk that there are ‘official rules’ for how to employ Social Media services such as FaceBook and/or Twitter.

Oh, and use Analytics … and get ready for a flurry of activity for geo-based, location based social media services for more targeted and qualified leads.

Afternoon Updates are on a new post:

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