Debating using WordPress 3.0 as your CMS? Here’s 20 ‘Brand Name’ reasons to say Yes!

With the release of WordPress 3.0 right around the corner, I thought I might offer some perspective to those arguing against said tool as a professional content management platform.

I figured the quickest way to do this is simply to point out 20 large companies building their brand by means of WordPress – the links below taking you to their individual portfolio pages on the WordPress showcase:

  1. Fisher Price Expert Series
    Fisher Price Expert Series
  2. UPS Racing
    UPS Racing
  3. Nikon Festival
    Nikon Festival
  4. Pepsi Refresh Everything Blog
    Pepsi Refresh Everything Blog
  5. Now Playing by Nokia
    Now Playing by Nokia
  6. Intel Blogathon 2009
    Intel Blogathon 2009
  7. OnStar Connections
    OnStar Connections
  8. VW TankWars
    VW TankWars
  9. Best Buy
    Best Buy
  10. The Ford Story
    The Ford Story
  11. BLogitech
  12. Samsung Newsroom
    Samsung Newsroom
  13. GE reports
    GE reports
  14. Inside BlackBerry
    Inside BlackBerry
  15. WSJ. Magazine
    WSJ. Magazine
  16. Coke Studio
    Coke Studio
  17. eBay Insider
    eBay Insider
  18. Yodel Anecdotal
    Yodel Anecdotal
  19. Xerox
  20. BNET

Please don’t misinterpret the purpose of this post. It’s not my intent to disparage other open source nor professional web-based content management systems …

… rather, I’m simply pointing out that WordPress isn’t just for us tech-weenies anymore