YourMap – an easier way to integrate Google Maps into your church website

Google Map - Your MapBack in August, I posted a 10-step “How to (really) embed Google Maps on your church website.” Yesterday, I received a really nice email from Mickey of Church Website Help & Google Earth Hacks informing me he’s developed a free online application that automates 8 of the steps I previously defined. In his own words, here is what he’s offering and why:

I thought I’d share this with you in the hopes that you like it and share it with other people and/or blog about it.

I’ve noticed a lot of church sites (and many other small businesses) don’t have a decent map on their directions page to convey a sense of location. It’s often an old MapQuest screenshot or something like that. I’ve built a free tool to help people embed a Google Map on their site, as well as provide a Google Earth file for them.

I designed it to be very simple. It should be a total of about a two minute process for most people. Enter info –> Generate code –> Paste code.

Here is a demo of what the output looks like:

Let me know what you think.

I think the church website community owes you a bit thank you! Meaning, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, you get a free lunch or at least some coffee and conversation on my nickel!

About the only thing I might add to the service is an AJAX-based latitude/longitude retrieval element so that the user doesn’t have to go off-site of the utility to gain said locational data. I know, whatta pain!

That said, it’s not too much of a hop and skip as it is, and coupled with Tim Bednar’s advice on how to “Get your church listed on the Apple iPhone” by leveraging Google Local Business to map one’s ministry … and you can dispense with the crufty screen captures of various MapQuest and Yahoo Map images Micky sites in his email.

Hand drawn maps … well that’s an entirely different article I’m saving to fun-up an otherwise boring Friday sometime in the probably distant future.