Pardon my dyslexia sir, but your Arabic is backwards!

You would think with all the World traveling with which I’ve been blessed that I wouldn’t blunder about like such a stupid Yank! Fat chance. Seems that by trusting a Google English to Arabic translation of “blogJordan” gave me all the right letters, in all the wrong order! That’ll teach me to field un-vetted materials – hopefully you as well; without the following entertaining embarrassment:

Here’s what I’m talking about … what’s the difference between the two “blogJordan” logos?

visual side-by-side comparison blogJordan logos - which one's not correct?

For those of you, who like me, are at the mercy of online translating tools, it is the difference between “بلوق-الاردن” and “مدونة-الارد” … or “blog-Jordan” and “Code-Allardt.”

Fortunately, one of the great folks at the Jordanian telco providing me with Internet access all about the Hashemite Kingdom – ZAIN – clued me in on my blunder.

“By the way the Arabic text above the blog Jordan is incorrect. It seems the text is left to right and it should be right to left.”

Zain - Jordan's best wireless providerIn fact, y’all could do me a big favor by clicking on the icon – which will open a new window to their Jordanian web page. They have been most gracious in extending the World-famous hospitality the Arabic culture is deservingly ascribed. A big Shukran to the superior staff at Zain!

So why is this important to you?

Glad you asked. I realizd that it had been a while since I had written a “pull the plank outta old deano’s eye” post where we can all learn from my mistakes – once we wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes over my ‘stooopidity.’

So here’s the sermonette, purchased with the ever growing life experiences of your’s truly … and you can quote (and link) me on this:

As more and more Software-as-a-Service products become common day appliances – the more diligent we must become in vetting and/or testing the results of those tools before displaying their results on our church and/or charity websites.

Fortunately my mistake was both caught in time, and didn’t translate as some ancient Biblical curse like “Thou shalt accidentally insult Goliath, O ye relative of Herod!” or worse. Though I’m still not entirely secure in whatever the Wikipedia defined the ‘Allardt‘ as.

Point is, consume SaaS tools “… but test everything; hold fast what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).