PayPal goes down while PayPal labs goes up?

I don’t use PayPal much, but I do have the reasonable expectation of it being up at around 11 AM Eastern on a Friday afternoon. Especially during the same week said vendor has been hammering the press machine with their PayPal Labs offering. No such luck. PayPal is down and has been since Wed Oct 3 10:42:48 2007 according the message on the PayPal Systems Board as of the time of this posting.

PayPal Down Screenshot

Figures, I want to buy a digital camcorder for my upcoming press tour of Jordan and what do I get … an online payment system that is down. Meanwhile, the marketing department has been busy telling the World about their new war on phishing, their political campaign conduit and their labs showcase site for experimental products.

So what’s this have to do with me and my church website? Think object lesson:

If you are running a church and/or charity website – make sure you have the essential services and information covered and delivered before you start offering a buncha wiz-bang!

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