Google Analytics: down again, for 2 days, now back up

Looks like Google Analytics is down again – starting sometime late on Saturday, June 28. And once again once again, no word from the Google Analytics blog (this has changed, see update below) I suspect there’s more here than just a simple code error. Here’s why:

my findings:

Below is a snapshot of the Google Analytics dashboard for – a very popular BBS for people into the agrarian, craft, do-it-yourself, self-sufficient lifestyles and/or interests that are broadly categorized as ‘homesteading:’

Now I know there are from time to time various spats on the BBS cited, but not so much that an 8000 visit/per day site would slam down to zero!

My concern:

With an outage two days long, I’m thinking it’s more than just the deployment of errant code as I would hope a company the size would have rolled-back if errant.

Meaning, unless Google isn’t using some form of source code version control, which in itself would be immensely alarming – then there are other issues here that make me concerned that this useful utility still isn’t reliably ready for prime time.

I’m not the only one. Here are some other citations on the subject:

Leave a comment if you’re in the same boat, disagree with me, or just want to discuss this topic further.


Well it only took almost 48 hours, but finally, something on the Google Analytics blog – at least acknowledging there’s a problem and assuring users of no data loss.

Update 2

It looks like things are back in order. That said, a quick blogsearch reveals just how impactful this outage was – and makes me start thinking of what I need in terms of contingency analytic solutions.