Google + Sprint make mobile missions easier with WiMax

Imagine being in the mission field, either full time or as part of a one-week effort sponsored by your church. Imagine now being able to communicate with your congregation, sponsors and/or family using an Internet service provider whose wireless transmitter isn’t 300 feet away, but 30 miles away … and effectively at 30 megabits per second!

This isn’t a pipe-dream, but reality I became aware of while attending the Mobile Business Expo took place in Chicago this past October/November.

This is the reality Google and Sprint are teaming up to offer as described in the recent MercuryNews article entitled: ‘Google, Sprint to team up on WiMax service:’

Google and Sprint Nextel announced Thursday that they will team up to develop a portal to let consumers search the Internet and mingle on social networks using mobile devices that work on a new, ultrafast WiMax network

The deal makes Google the exclusive provider for Web search on the portal and the preferred provider of Internet chat and e-mail. Google also will be providing mobile ads, along with its search results, and sharing the revenue with Sprint.

Search for now … but I suspect once said technology shakes out it’s not only going to become the de-facto mobile backbone for gMail but also Google Apps, Picasa and other services … services that include VOIP delivery that will displace the current cellular dominance in mobile computing and communications.

Your work just moved out of the work place and into the web space.

Moreover, and not getting too geeky here, it means less blackouts in more rural areas – and the ability to stay connected at hi-speed while traveling down the highway 55mph. That should make vendors like NetFlix happy … though parents might find it distracting having to explain things to the kids why a fossil like Leonard Nimoy is in the new Star Trek movie … watching the movie live as the mommy van boldly goes where no van has gone before.

Your network just got bigger, think ‘WiFi on Steroids.’

As I implied in a post this past June, those churches and charities not currently considering how to deliver their compelling content via mobile technologies are in effect placing yet another proverbial basket over their light.

Think of it in another way – within 10 years phones and the cables that carry their signal will no longer exists. Instead, all communications be it voice and/or otherwise will be transmitted as data, over long, remote ranges, over the Internet, all the time. This is the reality technologies such as WiMax will offer.

Your world just got smaller – start thinking bigger about how to leverage that to get your message out.