Pimp My Dell

In a tounge-and-cheek response to Dell’s venture into the luxury computer market, Deane Barker of Gadgetopia has challenged his readers to outdo his own $5,118 estimate by ‘pimping-up’ the price of a high-end purchase adhering to the following ground rules:

  1. No peripherals (tower, mouse, keyboard only), or else it’s too easy. No monitor either – those LCDs get expensive.
  2. No software beyond the operating system.
  3. No additional services (warranties, etc.)
  4. Also, desktops only. Servers would be too easy.

I’d be curious how long it would take for someone out there to jack-up the price past the $10,000 mark using the same criteria.

UPDATE: Slashdot once again shows how completely clueless it is when it comes to geek humor:
proof that slashdot is clueless as to what is fun and funny