Religion is a ‘Chruch’

We all know know at least one atheist, agnostic or skeptic who boldly (and often blindly) asserts religion is a crutch. Much in part due to the overbearing legalism and spiritual abuse that goes on in a minority of cases.

That said, I it is my prayer that the Church on the whole prove these individuals wrong, not only with Christian love and charity, but also with correctly spelled <title> tags. Case in point, the ‘North Shore Baptist Chruch‘ of BaySide NY – which is just one of the 4,410 hits Google returned to me when I searched on the phrase “baptist chruch.”
click here to see larger image of North Shore Baptist Chruch screenshot

Yes, as a dyslexic, I completely understand how this can happen … yet I implore you … please, please, please, double and triple check your “chruch’s” <title> tags … you’ll be glad you did.

(update – see related article entitled: Again with the “Religion is a ‘Chruch’”)