When it Rains it Pours

What a wonderful aphorism, and how wonderfully it explains my situation: “When it Rains it Pours.”

Ever since our server belched on some Christmas turkey, we’ve had a host of problems — and now it appears my blog’s layout is busted -at least for you users of Microsoft Internet Explorer (now isn’t that a change?-). Not quite sure how that happened but bear with me as I seek out a fix.

I’ll probably go through a site redesign, I’ve been been inspired by some recent entries over at the CSS Zen Garden – not one idea, but a little mix of this and that … with the possibility of some of this one and a pinch of that for good measure.

What’s interesting is though I’m putting in a ton of hours at my new job … I’m also getting to the point where such CSS issues aren’t all that hard … though I’m continually surprised by all the hacks required due to browser bugs.

So bear with me … as I now have to fix both my layout AND my comments … ugh. Perhaps it’s time to explore ExpressionEngine? I suppose, just so long as I can get Scripturizer to port …

… by the by, a special spam-friendly shout-out to all the good folks at who tried to illegally login to our server.

UPDATE: as for the suggestion ovr at Areopagitica to use .Blog … well, possibly if I were to go the .NET route, but I’m still partial to the whole Linux/Apache stuff for my own personal websites. Besides, I’ve been having some fun imagining the possibilities of supporting several sites with a single install of tools such as Krang and/or Bricolage.