That was painful – yes my site was offline

Failures happen, like a Bugs Bunny-esque gremlin that latched onto server hosting HYCW. Not like I haven’t been meaning to convert all my .shtml files to .php – not like I haven’t written about how to use mod_rewrite to not loose a single precious Google link in the process.

Figures, just when I get a few days off, something goes ACK! There I am minding my own business, leaving the server absolutely alone when a CPanel update decides to fix something that ain’t broke. This in turn causes a a catostrophic change in my Apache server which in turn forces me to recompile the danged thing (Apache that is) which in turn compels me to deal with the whole suexec thing finally prompting me to change all my links from .SHTML to .PHP … something your church website might have to do at some point in time.

Fortunately, and once again, mod_rewrite to the rescue – perhaps the single biggest reason I prefer Apache over IIS. For example, Google has been very generous in how high it has indexed this site. Problem is, if I change all my .shtml archives to .php what happens to those wonderful links?

With the following mod_rewrite added to my .htaccess file in my root directory, all queries for .shtml are rewritten to php:

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule (.*)\.s*html$ $1.php

How painless was that? Still, I need – well actually want to change all my internal .shtml links to .php – yet another reason to use a content management system such as MovableType or pMachine instead of one of those online services.

Of course the trade-off is that I still need to find what little nasty file ownership issue going here that’s causing some other problems – and probably need to port my “rotatoe-slogan-o-matic-machine-like-thingie” to PHP.

Other than that, how was YOUR Christmas? Oh wait, comments appear broken – I’ll fix that tomorrow, along with my layout which is now all fubar’d.