Stopping Sucky Comment Spam with SCode for Comments

Tired of sucky comment spam? So is Rob Hulson who kindly writes:


Still loving the Scripturizer plugin. Works great and I’ve been blessed by its inclusion for my website.

I had a question for you, and that’s what you use for your comments. Is the thing that you’re using (the whole “Put in the number” deal) helping with the amount of spam you’ve received? I’m getting a lot and I’m tired of it. I just went to “Approve,” but now I spend my time deleting junk mail in my comment queue.

Is it a plugin that you’re using? I’d like to make use of it on my website. Thanks a lot, have a blessed Lord’s day. :o)

Rob Hulson

I like notes like this, especially when they come amid a week where someone else has been questioning my Christianity because of some of my exciting blog titles such as “Do drop-down menus suck like a remora?” and “Church Marketing Sucks – the website.” That and the pugged-nose smiley at the end of Rob’s message can’t be beat … but I digress.

The point is, Rob not only says nice things about one of my more furtive ministries, but also asks a question for which I have a quick, solid and finite answer … in three parts even:

  • Yes Rob, I’ve reduced my comment spam down to about 1 entry per week via a nifty little plug-in by James Seng entitled SCode.
  • Yes, it does create a usability issue for those who have their graphics disabled — especially those ‘bots who are bypassing your blog entries all together and are exploiting a weakness in ‘my-comments.cgi’ … at least if you’re using a 2.n version of MovableType.
  • Yes, I got it to work with Jay Allen’s most excellent MT-BlackList, though I’m thinking of unhooking the two as SCode seems to be getting the job done quite nicely.

Rob, hope that answers your question. Now if someone out there could answer mine … specifically, do you suppose it would be wise to mention to my detractors that my name appears indelibly etched onto the bathroom walls of the Internet via “Son of Web Pages That Suck?