Today’s YAITS is Homeowners Associations

In putting together this mornings post “A beginner’s budget for Brenda” I reviewed several HomeOwner’s Association (HOA) websites in search of a few good examples. What I found were some passable sites amid a sea of some real suckers … Daily Suckers that is.

So I shot of an email to Vincent Flanders that essentially said “I think we’ve got another YAITS” … Not only did he reply in agreement, he made it the topic of his immensely useful usability blog today, where he begins with:

YAITS stands for “Yet Another Industry That Sucks.” I find it fascinating that the web sites for certain industries / businesses contain a high percentage that are really awful. Today’s YAITS is Homeowners Associations.

He goes on to list the reasons why such sites … uh … stink and even finds a few good examples of good design, followed by some good examples of bad design. Please take note of the latter, make sure this NEVER happens to your church website!

Go ahead and visit, I’ll be here when you get back.