This Week’s Links :: Internet For Christians

Since Friday, my referrer logs have been making me aware of yet another resource you will find useful in creating and maintaining your church or ministry’s website,’s Internet For Christians. Each week they provide useful recommendations to a variety of online resources such as using RSS syndication to keep your readers abreast of what’s new on your site, or taking a bite out of the spam that afflicts us all.

Yeah, okay, I’m obliged to say many nice things about them after declaring me “This Week’s Link” along with Zeldman’s A List Apart. Talk about being mentioned in good company … yes, that’s my blushing red cheeks warming the room.

Anyway, I’d recommend visiting them, or better yet, adding their RDF to your aggregator as I found their articles relevant, accurate and devoid of any commercial favoritism; not a claim I can make for some other Christian computing ‘zines I know of.

Oh, and on a personal note, thanks Peggie, Andy and whomever else may have had a hand in bringing me some wonderful new visitor. It is very appreciated!