12 days of Jesus Junk – The 2012 Edition – Day 1

12 Days of Jesus Junk 2012 - Day 1 - Kurt Adler 9-Inch 10-Point Elvis Star Lighted Treetop

12 Days of Jesus Junk 2012 – Day 1 – Kurt Adler 9-Inch 10-Point Elvis Star Lighted Treetop

With it being 12-12-12 today, I thought I might try and get out a post at 12:12pm just to square things up while I get back into blogging with my almost annual Heal Your Church Website classic series ‘12 Days of Jesus Junk.

And what more appropriate way to celebrate our first century King of Kings than with the 20th century’s King of Rock-n-Roll in the form of a ‘Kurt Adler 9-Inch 10-Point Elvis Star Lighted Treetop?’

Yes folks, even when “… those blue snowflakes start falling” you don’t have to worry about those “… those blue memories start calling” as “You’ll be doin’ all right with your Christmas ” Tree top Light!

Yeah, I know, a pretty inauspicious way to kick-start content again here a Heal Your Church Website, but hey, ‘Kitschmas’ only comes around once a year, even less so when it’s they last time all three portions of the date will equal the same number.

Not that it matters as the World is going to end on the 23rd.

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Social Media is for engaging in dialogs, not a platform to pound the pulpit!

Dear social media friends & circles, if you use Facebook & Google+ as you would a blog, then don’t get upset if I ‘defriend’ & ‘uncircle’ you.

A Failed Social Media Strategy

Last night I ran out of patience with an individual on Google Plus (G+), who though they meant well, were entering a series of multi-paragraph posts on their stream, with quotes, photos and all.

  • Basically, they were treating G+ like a blog.

As Annoying as this was on my laptop, I ignored the situation. However, spending time on my new Samsung Droid Charge, I found right flicking finger blistered beyond belief as I had to page past several screens of this user’s tomes to see what anyone else was doing.

As soon as I ‘uncircled’ them, my GPlus mobile user experience went from ARGH to Aaaahhhh.

I’ve had similarly ‘defriend’ some on  Facebook as well, though for the most part, only in those cases, I’ve basically start out by ‘hiding’ all posts by an overzealous associate before going with the nuclear option.

And for what-its-worth, I make good use of gmail’s filtering capability for spammy newsletters that don’t respect the ‘unsubscribe’ option hey offer.

So what’s in it for me?

So what can we learn from the above kvetch-fest? Plenty, glad you asked.

Whether you engage in social media for personal fulfillment or as part of a larger digital marketing strategy, the point of social media is to ENGAGE others IN a DIALOG.

If you want to get all preachy and pound the pulpit and/or go all prose on your organizations next big shindig, then may I recommend some of the following tactical approachs?

  • create a killer blog post to present your idea or event;
  • give the blog post a ‘pheromone infused’ title;
  • make sure the 1st paragraph has ‘crack-like’ compelling content;
  • add #hashtags to your blog post’s tags;
  • using the above, create a magnetic 100-120 character meme/excerpt to post on Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc …; and
  • now go take a look at your work on a variety of platforms (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc …), and tweak those that appear annoying, ill formatted and/or ineffective.

Finally, and more important than any of the above — make sure to follow-up with folks who post comments, re-tweet and/or reach-out to you based on your awe-inspiring words of wisdom.

Bottom Line

So here’s my call to action:

  • use blogs for providing compelling content;
  • use social media to engage others in dialog;
  • develop a tactical approach that uses the right tool for the job for your digital marketing strategy; and
  • have a digital marketing strategy.

Agree, disagree, have an opinion? Why not force me to practice what I preach and leave a comment?

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