Using MIDI to MP3/WAV Converter for Accompaniment Tracks

Nothing makes for a stellar Christmas performance of Oh Holy Night like having a MIDI track you can play and practice with on your computer … well except maybe for the same track on your favorite MP3 player or SmartPhone that you can tote around as your personal and portable accompanist. That’s what I did with a nifty little tool appropriately entitled “Direct MIDI to MP3/WAV Converter” by Piston Software.

Even better, I was also able to use Direct MIDI to MP3/WAV Converter to create WAV files I could then incorporate as sound tracks into the movie maker software that came packed with my laptop.

As I’m planning on another live performance of Dvorak’s 10 Biblical Songs that I wrote about on this blog back on 2002; only this time around I plan on follow-up with digital recordings. The  Direct MIDI to MP3/WAV conversion tool will come in handy for making accompaniment tracks for my iPod, as well as master destination tracks for my multi-track digital recording that I’ll mix down and post onto iTunes.

And if I find myself rehearsing for some Easter Cantata, you can be sure I’ll be creating MP3s of each SABT vocal track to distribute those about me so that the poor conductor or music minister doesn’t go batty from flat basses and sharp sopranos.

Below are some other features of Direct MIDI to MP3/WAV Converter you may find useful:

  • Quick and fast midi rendering engine – up to 10 times faster than the original midi file time;
  • Audio CD quality because of internal fast conversion without recording;
  • SF2 Soundfont support;Screenshot of Direct MIDI to MP3/Wave Converter
  • Adjustable reverb control;
  • Adjustable Midi tempo;
  • Fast batch conversion mode that saves your time;
  • Most popular MIDI formats are supported;
  • Adjustable qualities and bitrates;
  • High quality built-in MIDI player with trackbar;
  • Fully featured OGG/WMA/MP3 Tag editor;
  • Full support of ID3 MP3 tags;
  • Full support of WMA tags;
  • Full support of OGG tags;
  • Multilingual interface;
  • Hot keys for all operations;
  • An easy-to-use Drag and Drop interface;
  • Recording Level adjustment;
  • Ability to Minimize program during midi conversion;
  • Transpose MIDI feature;
  • All available directions: MIDI to MP3, MIDI to WAV, MIDI to WMA, MIDI to OGG, MIDI to WAVE, MID to MP3, MID to WAV, MID to WMA, MID to OGG, MID to WAVE, RMI to MP3, RMI to WAV, RMI to WMA, RMI to OGG, RMI to WAVE, KAR to MP3, KAR to WAV, KAR to WMA, KAR to OGG, KAR to WAVE;
  • Windows Vista compatible.

Now pardon me while I use Direct MIDI to MP3/WAV Converter one more time to make another background score to accompany some pictures of this morning’s Christmas cheer.

And even if you’re not into rolling your own music scores and accompaniments, I want to wish everyone a very blessed Christmas and a healthy and safe 2011.

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