WANTED: Social Networking Summer Missionaries

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace.  If you’re using any of these tools to communicate from the summer mission field, then please communicate with me. FriendFeed, Orkut, Tumblr, Linkedin, Bebo too.

I’ve been asked to assist a friend writing a technology article for a rather popular church-based e-zine. I figured what better audience than the savvy, geeky HYCW cult to provide me with the low-down on such hi-tech replacements to Paul’s parchment?

If you're using any of these tools to communicate back from the summer mission field, then communicate with me.

So what I’m seeking is feedback from individuals participating in summer mission trips who have/are leveraging social networks such as Twitter and/or Facebook to communicate their work in the field back to the home folks.

ALSO, I’d also be interested in any church webmaster/IT administrator who is mashing-up such inbound life-streams onto their church web site.

And I don’t want/need just success stories. If your experiences are a poster child for ‘FACEBOOK FAIL’ or a total ‘TWITTER DISASTER’ I’m equally interested as we all learn so much from such … ummm … character building endeavors.

So leave a comment below or if you like more privacy, introduce me your story via our handy-dandy contact form. I always ask for reciprocal links and spellings of names to make sure you and your organization get the attention and attribution deserved.

Did I leave anything out? Yup … thanks in advance to any and all who respond to my call for content.

UPDATE 18-Jun09: If you have, are, or are going to tweet from the mission field, help me write an article on the topic by answering these questions I’ve placed on a handy-dandy Google form: http://is.gd/15Q7O

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