On second thought, it is WordPress

Been quiet here – because I’ve been struggling. In part, struggling with CivicSpace as I struggle to get blogs4God back on its feet. Struggling also with a generously provided copy of ExpressionEngine – truly a world-class publishing tool, but truly too much overkill for the simple blogging I’d like to do here.

I plan to write more on how ExpressionEngine is the right tool for many of you producing professional-quality turnkey content management systems for your clients and/or employer – much more because there’s many good things about it.

But for what I need to do here, I’ve finally realized that I want something simpler and a bit ‘stupider’ – mostly because that’s what we’re dealing with at all but the mega-church level. That ‘C+’ student tool would be WordPress and I’m going to be blogging like a mad-man once I transition my current MovableType implementation that way.

Yeah, I’ll probably write about how CivicSpace might work for your church website – but considering the flaming hoops I’ve just jumped through, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have approached the blogs4God project with an ExpressionEngine solution.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it – for now.

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