YEs, some things are broken

Yes, some of the features and articles on this site are broken for now …

… I’ve moved servers and am headed to Singapore.

But needed to get off the old server because of the buck$.

Expect exciting things in the next few weeks.

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So here’s the plan – which includes ExpressionEngine and Sokkit

Yes, we’ve been a bit quiet, only because of a lot of server reshuffling of several other sites I run (or used to run). So here is the very short-term plan:

  1. Move old MovableType version of HYCW over to the new server (sometime this week)
  2. Upgrade my Sokkitlicense
  3. Install ExpressionEngine on local PC equipped with Sokkit
  4. Design EE-based site locally, perhaps while on plane from Singapore to NYC as I return from the Microsoft Tech·Ed Asia 2005 conference.
  5. Beat mod_rewrite until I can get it to properly redirect my ‘well indexed links
  6. Bug the mess outa Mike Boyink for ideas and advice on EE while convincing him that Sokkit is the next best thing to sliced bread
  7. Design EE-based
  8. Install ExpressionEngine on server, port up content using my own advice regarding MySQLDump backups.
  9. Sit back and wait for all the snarky comments

At least that’s my plan … let’s see what happens when it runs head-long into the cruel reality of … well the real World.

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I’m (thinking of) moving to WordPress

I know I’m about a year behind everyone else, but I think I’m going to make the move from MovableType to WordPress.

This is not because I hate one and love the other, rather I just don’t see the energy in the MT community that I see with WP. And other than multiple blogs – do I see all that much of a difference. In fact if I could figure out how to assign different default theme for a given category and it’s subcategories in WP, I’d pretty much have everything I’ve gotten out of MT community with regards to designing a church website.

One concern I did have was data conversion, but after taking all the data from Chuck Holton’s “” and porting it to his “” in about 10 minutes flat – spending another 15 to 20 minutes tweaking and existing theme as a stop gap until we can develop a better one – I’m thinking why not? Yeah, okay, I still need to get the email posting working but that’s probably more a problem with the nut holding the keyboard than the software.

Yes, it would mean having to do some considerable rewiring to Scripturizer and Sermonizer and a few other tools, but hey, I just moved to a new state, got a new job, got a new house … why not a new blogging software? C’mon someone, talk me out of it!

* Update * note the title change – some good comments and private emails may have me looking in a different direction (yes, you can blame Eliot first … but some others have been doing a good job of talking out of it as well).

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